Dark side of the mime


Dark Side Of The Mime is an audacious physical theatre performance with a little bit of clownery and plenty of porn and violence mime. We want Marcel Marceau to turn in his grave and to love our performance and us. In the year 2014 mime has risen to a whole new level and can bee seen giving the white finger to enyone brave enough to look. In Dark Side Of The Mime the spectators are strongly advised to take part in the show. The performance is not suitable for people under 18 years of age. Are you bold enough to enter the Dark Side Of The Mime?

Mime: Marc Gassot
Live music: Karl Sinkkonen
Lights: Teemu Nurmelin
Director: Akse Pettersson

The show
Please request the password through contact@teatteritakomo.fi

Technical rider & Stage plan
Download (pdf)

3 Persons (freelancers), 1600 eur (incl. employer’s costs)
+accommodation (3 x single)
+per diems